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Warm Weather Maintenance

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Seasonal changes effect our lives in many ways, but can also effect our homes much more dramatically. You can prepare and protect your home with these seasonal maintenance tips.

April showers and hot August nights can take their toll on even the best-built home. Here's how to prepare for warmer weather.

  • Check window weep holes and remove any clogs.
  • Have a professional check your roof for any damage done over the winter months.
  • Check your air conditioner and schedule needed maintenance before peak use periods.
  • Have a fireplace? Now's a good time to hire a pro to inspect and clean the chimney. Ask him to install a screen over the chimney top to keep debris out.
  • Clean wood decks and reseal as needed.
  • Check and replace rubber washers on exterior faucet.
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts. Remove debris and flush with a hose.
  • Prune back tree branches and shrubs that are too close to the house.
  • Check driveways and other paved surfaces for cracks and signs of deterioration.
  • Check and repair or replace exterior caulking (we can never say it enough).
  • Clean lint from the clothes dryer venting system. It can be a fire hazard.
  • Reset auto-light timers for the longer days ahead.
  • If you winterized your irrigation system, reactivate it by closing the test valves, turning the ball valves 1/8th of a turn to the Open position, and opening the irrigation supply line valves.

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