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Looking for ways to cut your utility expenses and save money? If so, you can start by looking at your heating and cooling system! Would you be surprised to know that in America today your furnace and air conditioner is likely the third largest purchase you will invest in (behind a home and car)? Doesn’t it make sense to insure that your investment lasts long and provides energy efficient operation?

As a service provider we are constantly asked by our customers what they can do to save money on their utility bills. The answer we always give is the same – Have your heating and air conditioning system checked twice a year! Take a look at our Total Home Comfort Plan, Utah HVAC is our realm and we can help you out.

Most our customers are surprised to know that nearly 80% of all equipment failures don’t happen because of bad or faulty parts, but rather most failures are a direct result of dust and dirt. Not only that, but multiple studies show that poorly maintained equipment can drastically increase your utility consumption – costing you hundreds of dollars per year in higher gas and electric bills, not to mention the expense and inconvenience of breakdowns.

Recent studies have found the following problems with most heating and air conditioning equipment:

  • North Carolina Alternative Energy Corporation found that 90% of units tested exhibited some sort of energy wasting problem, 50% of those systems had improper refrigerant charge, 40% failed to meet minimum airflow requirements (only 20% were inside the range set by the manufacturer). Further studies showed that a 20% deficiency in air flow can decrease SEER rating by 17%, and that a 15% return air leak can cut efficiency in half!
  • Texas A & M University found that systems that are undercharged by as little as 23% could result in a 52% efficiency loss
  • Pacific Gas and Electric found the average heating energy savings can be found when repairing the following items:
    1. Repair of disconnected duct could save 15%
    2. repair of leaky diffuser could save 7.5%
    3. correct low airflow could save 5.6%
    4. repair leaks and correct refrigerant charge could save 18.4%
  • Lakeland Electric and Water researchers found that repairing leaky duct could reduce cooling energy by 17.4%
  • Honeywell found that most units lose 50% of their efficiency after 20 years
  • Louisiana State University and Gulf States Utility found that customers could save an average of $30.00 per month just by making sure their furnace and air conditioner was serviced and cleaned regularly


Questar Gas also suggests that you "Have your furnace inspected periodically by a qualified heating professional." This checkup should assure you that your furnace’s burners are properly adjusted and that the furnace is installed and ventilated properly. Your contractor can also check to make sure your furnace and water-heating appliances have a Green Sticker.

Alta Air Conditioning and Heating offers scheduled maintenance plans to fit every lifestyle.

Our most popular maintenance plan includes a spring tune-up to get your air conditioning ready for the summer season, with an additional visit in the fall to check the operation of your furnace. Our maintenance plans also include the following:

  • 24-point system check
  • Green Sticker certification
  • Priority service
  • Plans are fully transferable
  • Increased comfort
  • Decreased utility bills
  • 15% discount on repair service
  • Peace of mind
  • No hassle service
  • Increased unit capacity
  • Prolonged equipment life


Other plans are also available. So, for all your Utah HVAC needs give Alta Air a try.

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