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Furnace Installation in North Salt Lake & Woods Cross, UT

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Stay Warm Through the Winter With a New Furnace

Alta Air offers full-service furnace installations in North Salt Lake, Woods Cross, and the greater Salt Lake City area. Whether you’re replacing your unit because of a breakdown or due to age, we act quickly to find the right system for your home or business. We also install heating systems in new and renovated spaces. Schedule an appointment with us to let our trustworthy technicians restore comfort to your home.
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Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced

When you need furnace replacement in North Salt Lake or Woods Cross, UT, there’s a chance it will be extremely obvious. For example, if your furnace doesn’t turn on at all, there could be something seriously wrong with it. However, there are other factors that may not be as salient:

Benefits of New Furnace Installation

Installing a new furnace can have numerous benefits for your entire household, including:

With North Salt Lake’s climate, you will likely use your heating system for at least half of the year, from the beginning of fall to late spring. It’s best to install a new furnace before the colder months start – you don’t want to spend the coldest day of the year without warmth! The average low temperature in January in North Salt Lake is 23 degrees, so any time spent without a working heating system during that month will be miserable.

Factors To Consider When Installing a Furnace

When getting heating installation in North Salt Lake or Woods Cross, there are several items you should consider, including:

Type of Fuel

You will need to determine if you want a unit that burns natural gas, propane, or fuel oil.

Unit Size

Make sure you don’t install a unit that is too big or too small for your property. Have a technician calculate your home’s heating load to determine how much heat you need to keep your house comfortable.


Systems come with a wide range of options for energy efficiency. The more energy-efficient a unit is, the more it costs upfront, but the less it will cost to operate.

Getting a New Furnace Will Pay off for Utah Residents

If you haven’t been following the development of furnace technology in recent years, you’ll be pleased and surprised to learn that new units are extremely energy-efficient. While a new system is an upfront cost you need to consider, you will earn this investment back through reduced monthly heating bills and a more comfortable living environment.

Trust Alta Air with your business with your furnace installation in Woods Cross, North Salt Lake, or your nearby hometown. We are Utah’s HVAC contractor of choice because we’re established experts who put your needs first. With a commitment to excellence, we offer labor warranties that far exceed the competition and prove with every passing year that we’re on your side. Schedule a time to get your easy estimate today!

FAQs About Heating Installation

Do you have a question about getting a new furnace installed? See answers from the experts at Alta Air below.

How Long Does A Furnace Installation Take?

At Alta Air, we understand the anticipation that surrounds a furnace installation in North Salt Lake or Woods Cross, UT. Homeowners want to seek efficiency without compromising quality. We pride ourselves on minimizing disruption, ensuring a swift transformation without compromising the thoroughness of our work. With Alta Air, you’re not just getting a furnace; you’re gaining a seamless upgrade to your home’s comfort.

Do I Need To Prepare My Home For Furnace Installation?

Preparing your home for installation is a crucial step that can significantly impact the overall efficiency of your heating system. Alta Air simplifies this process by offering clear guidelines and transparent communication. Whether it’s ensuring accessible spaces for our technicians or understanding the basic prerequisites, our experts walk you through each step. Your comfort journey starts with a well-prepared home, and Alta Air is here to assist you in making the transition seamless.

What Maintenance Is Required After Furnace Installation?

Post-installation care is where Alta Air truly stands out. Our commitment to your comfort extends beyond the installation phase. We provide comprehensive guidance on furnace maintenance, empowering homeowners to keep their systems running at peak performance. Regular check-ups, filter replacements, and timely tune-ups – our maintenance protocols are designed to prolong the life of your furnace and maintain efficiency.

How Much Does Furnace Installation Cost?

Understanding the financial aspect of a furnace installation in North Salt Lake or Woods Cross, UT is paramount for homeowners. Alta Air believes in transparency and tailor-made solutions. Our team works closely with you to provide easy estimates and detailed cost breakdowns, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the investment required. We believe that true comfort should be accessible, and our pricing reflects our commitment to offering quality furnace installations that align with your budget.

What Are The Signs Of A Poorly Installed Furnace?

A poorly installed furnace can lead to a cascade of issues, compromising both comfort and safety. Alta Air equips homeowners with the knowledge to recognize signs of subpar installations. From inconsistent heating patterns to unusual noises, we guide you in identifying and addressing potential problems promptly.

Alta Air is more than an HVAC solution; it’s a commitment to elevating the very essence of your home. As you embark on the journey to redefine comfort, trust Alta Air to be your partner in crafting a living space that resonates with warmth, reliability, and unparalleled expertise. Your home deserves the best, and Alta Air is here to deliver nothing short of excellence. Experience the difference with Alta Air.

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