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How can you test to see if your heating element is in good condition?

The heating element is a vital component in any heating system. It is installed in order to provide heating for a specific area. In general, heating elements convert electricity into heat. There are several different types of heating elements that are used in heating systems. Each type of heating element has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most crucial things that you need to do when you are installing a heating system is to test the heating elements. Contact us to learn more about heat pump service in West Jordan, UT.

Heating elements can be very dangerous if they are not working properly. If you are unsure how to test heating elements, contact a professional heating contractor.

Tools for Testing Heating Element


Ohmmeters can help you determine the working condition of the heating system. We’ll have to learn a few things about ohms, watts, volts, and amps for ohmmeter testing.

The equation provided by Ohm’s law: I=E/R

I=Current in amps
R=Resistance in ohms

These electrical units help assess the efficiency of heaters by measuring their output and identifying any warning signs that might indicate inefficiency or failure.


A megohmmeter is a more sophisticated device that is used to test the integrity of the heating system. It uses direct current voltage to check the resistance of the heating unit. It has the ability to measure high resistance values by sending a high-voltage signal into the object being tested. Therefore, it helps to determine the condition of the insulation on wires in the heating system.

Steps for Testing the Heating Element

Using Ohmmeter:

  • The first step is to check the heating element for cracks or other damage. If there is any damage, you will need to replace the heating element.
  • You will need to test the heating element for continuity. To do this, you will need an ohmmeter.
  • Set the ohmmeter to the lowest setting.
  • Touch one probe of the ohmmeter to one of the heating element’s terminals.
  • Touch the other probe of the ohmmeter to the other heating element terminal.
  • If the heating element has continuity, the ohmmeter will make a beeping sound.
  • If the heating element does not have continuity, it will need to be replaced.

Using Megohmmeter:

  • Start by inspecting the heating element for cracks or other issues. If it has issues, call the professionals for heating repair in in West Jordan, UT.
  • Use a megohmmeter to test the heating element for insulation resistance.
  • Set the megohmmeter to the highest voltage setting.
  • Touch one probe of the megohmmeter to one heating element terminal.
  • Touch the other probe of the megohmmeter to the other heating element terminal.
  • The megohmmeter will indicate an infinite reading if the heating element is adequately insulated.
  • If the heating element is not adequately insulated, it might need a replacement.

Testing heating elements is not a difficult task. However, it is critical to make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. If you have any questions, contact us for assistance, including furnace installation in Woods Cross, UT.