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Several homeowners are now turning to ductless air conditioner systems to avoid the hassle and maintenance of a ducted air conditioner. The primary advantage of a ductless air conditioner is that there are no ducts in use, so owners do not have to take care of ducts and their cleaning. Moreover, you save on repair costs if you schedule annual maintenance services for the AC system.

Tools Required To Install A Ductless Air Conditioner

Homeowners should contact our professional technicians to install ductless mini splits in West Jordan, UT, if necessary. However, in case you want to install it yourself instead, here are the tools and materials you need for installation:

• A mounting bracket
• Some screws
• A drilling machine
• The line set of the appliance
• Plastic trim
• The condenser of the appliance
• The refrigerant line
• Cover for the line set
• A ground pad or a wall bracket for the condenser

Steps To Install The Ductless Air Conditioner

• Preparing The Mounting Bracket

The stand on the evaporator of the ductless air conditioner. To first install the mounting bracket, place the evaporator on the wall to measure it.

• Drilling The Pilot Hole

Ensure you drill the pilot hole from inside to outside. Also, try not to damage any wires or construction objects on the outside while drilling this hole.

• Placing The Line Set

You will need another person for this step. Uncoil the line set and push it from the inside to the outside of the pilot hole, and the other person will grab it from the outer end.

• Installing The Evaporator

After placing the line set through the pilot hole, you are ready to install the evaporator on the bracket. Also, you should use the plastic trim and insert it in the pilot hole to avoid damage to the line set.

• Installing The Condenser

The condenser is the outdoor unit of your ductless air conditioner. You can either place it on a ground pad or another wall bracket. You should keep the following few points in mind while installing the condenser:

1. Keep vacant space near the outdoor unit.
2. The spot should not receive direct sunlight or snowfall.
3. Install the condenser on the east or north side of the outside area.

• Installing The Refrigerant Lines

The refrigerant will travel through the refrigerant lines, so ensure to install them properly, or you will have to contact our technician for AC repair  in Woods Cross, UT.

• Covering The Line Set

Finally, you should cover the line set with insulation to avoid damage due to weather conditions or harsh winds.


It is easy to install a ductless air conditioning system; however, it is better to contact a professional HVAC expert to install the AC system. It is because there are chances that you might make a mistake in installation, and due to improper installation, the AC system will not deliver the best results.

Let Alta-Air do it for you. We are a reliable and experienced HVAC company and specialise in AC installation in West Jordan, UT. Call (801) 397-2583 to hire us for the best installation services at affordable prices.