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An air conditioner is a huge investment for a home, so when the time comes, homeowners should know whether a repair job or a replacement schedule is the right choice for their systems. This blog will help you understand the signs that indicate when to call our experts for a repair job or to discuss replacement services.

Alta-Air is here to provide you with the best AC repair in West Jordan, UT and the surrounding areas. Call us for assistance.

Signs Indicating AC Repair

• Loud Noises

Objects like leaves and twigs can enter the air conditioner’s outdoor unit and make loud noises to disturb the environment of your home. You should not replace your system in such cases, but instead contact our technician to inspect and fix the noises.

• Foul Smells

Foul smells can be due to various reasons, ranging from dirty air filters to bacterial growth in the system. Instead of looking for a new air conditioner, you should contact our reliable technician to find the cause of the foul smell and fix it.

• Excess Moisture

Secondary functions of air conditioners include maintaining the moisture level in your home. If the system fails to do so, you can either get a separate dehumidifier for your home or contact our technician to check the dehumidifier in the air conditioner.

Signs Indicating You Require A Replacement Service

If you notice these signs frequently with your air conditioner, you should consider replacing your unit instead of repairing it:

• Age

Using an old air conditioner can pose safety threats to your system and family. An old air conditioner does not have efficient safety measures that can reduce the chances of mishaps with your family. If your air conditioner has crossed twenty years of working, you should replace it with a new one.

• High Energy Bills

It is possible for an efficient air conditioner to increase your energy bills during the peak of the season, but not hike them drastically. If your system continues to increase energy bills even after numerous repairs, you should contact our technician for AC replacement in West Jordan, UT.

• Numerous Repair Jobs

An air conditioner should not need more than three repair jobs each working cycle. However, if your air conditioner demands more than three repair jobs, you should not spend money on its repair jobs and instead seek replacement.

Bottom Line

You can easily avoid problems if you schedule annual maintenance services to maintain your AC system in the early summer. Our AC maintenance technician will inspect the functioning of the AC system and suggest if it is time to replace the AC system. Furthermore, if there are issues, our technicians will repair those as well.

Alta-Air is here to provide you with the best furnace and AC services in West Jordan, UT. Our customers prefer us to other companies due to our latest gadgets and enhanced knowledge with each successful job. Contact us at (801) 397-2583 for more information.